Incivility at Washington and Lee 

George Karassoulos is a freshman international student from Australia. He decided to run for the student executive committee and posted the following on his Instagram page :  

Following his posting, he received many comments some of them supportive and some opposing him. As The Generals Redoubt has always stated, we believe in complete freedom of speech and expression. However, there has always been a tradition of civility at W&L which distinguishes it from other colleges. Unfortunately, we have seen a decline in this tradition among some students, faculty, and alumni of late. The following comments by students opposing Mr. Karassoulos demonstrate this lack of civility by resorting to vulgarity, profanity, and name calling. The comments were sent to us by a current student. 

"Just go ahead and say you're racist" 

"Is racism the tradition you want to preserve?" 

"You couldn't even hold the racism in for a month. Congrats." 

"You right wingers are really f ***ing scared of any kind of fair confrontation" 

"Complete cowards, the lot of you" 

"All the advantages of life and you  couldn't develop one iota of sympathy, shameful s**t." 

One student also altered Mr. Karassoulos screenshot as seen below. We find it shameful that the student replaced his screenshot with vulgar and profane comments and attempted to link him with the Ku Klux Klan. Perhaps as disturbing is the fact that all of this uncivil behavior was brought to the attention of two of the school's Deans, who have, so far as we know, refused to take any action against the offending students. [insert altered screenshot here]


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