Name is Retained!


There is No W&L Without Washington and Lee

Mission Statement

Goals and Objectives


Pursue opportunities for constructive dialogue between The Generals Redoubt and the Board of Trustees and Administration.

In seeking student body diversity, emphasize a variety of economic backgrounds and life experiences.

Restore direct alumni voting for designated Board of Trustees positions and secure greater transparency in Board decision-making.

Reverse the recent decision to shield the Recumbent Statue of Lee during University events, return the Peale portrait of Washington to Lee Chapel, and modify the renaming of Robinson Hall.

Support creation of an Alumni Advisory Board to actively engage with the Director of Institutional History.

Seek Freedom of Expression in all areas of University life.  Monitor closely and maintain the University’s stated adherence to the Chicago Principles, as the University of Chicago’s Faculty Committee Statement on Free Expression has come to be known.

Restore public prayer at ceremonial functions and underscore that prayer for participants is optional.

Maintain the historical and architectural integrity of the Front Campus consistent -with its designation as a National Historic Landmark.

Critically evaluate the curriculum to ensure that (a) Western Civilization is at the core of the Washington and Lee student journey, particularly as relates to the humanities; (b) necessary skill sets and competencies are continuously taught and updated to make certain that students thrive and succeed in their personal and professional lives after graduation; and (c) coursework based on Identitarian Ideology is de-emphasized.

Advocate for greater political and ideological diversity in hiring faculty and educate new faculty and administrators on the history, values, and traditions of Washington and Lee.

Utilize Student Government, the Greek System and other existing student organizations to assume leadership for achieving a truly inclusive campus culture.  Discourage administrative actions that promote student segregation.

Urge all elements of the Washington and Lee community to observe both the spirit and letter of the Honor System, particularly the single sanction enforcement.


Working collectively as a cadre of concerned alumni and friends, The Generals Redoubt will seek reconsideration of actions by the current Administration and Board of Trustees that ignore significant aspects of the University’s recorded, oral and traditional institutional life. The Generals Redoubt will seek to prevent further retreat from the University’s history, values and traditions; protect revered campus buildings; and continue to honor the magnificent contributions of its Founders.