Letters to the Editor - October 2020

A response to the video posted by a freshman from Victoria Gurion Sanders, class of 2004: Oct 2020 

The Generals Redoubt's letter to the President and Board regarding the title of the new course, "How to Overthrow the State." September 2020

The Generals Redoubt refutes the arguments of the Not Unmindful group and argues for retaining the name of the university  September 2020

Letter of Not Unmindful group to the Board in favor of a name change:  August 12, 2020

Emeritus Trustees' Letter to President Dudley and the Board of Trustees:  July 13, 2020

Allen R. Gillespie: June 28. 2020 Response to President Dudley's Letter of June 23, 2020.

Kazimierz J. Herchold: Letter to Washington and Lee President Dudley and Board of Trustees. 

Chris Dalton: Letter to Washington and Lee President Dudley, June 29, 2020. 


William Rasmussen: June 28, 2020 Letter to Washington and Lee University President William Dudley, The Rector and Board of Trustees. 



Letters to the Editor - April 2020



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