Letters to the Editor - April 2020

W&L Board of Trustees: Formal response (dated 18 Feb 2020) of W&L Board to petition to allow Washington & Lee students to opt-out of namesakes' portraits on diplomas. The Board announces its decision that W&L will retain a single diploma design.

Bruce Jackson: Response (dated 18 Nov 2019) to petition to allow Washington & Lee students to opt-out of namesakes' portraits on diplomas.

Roger Dean: A recently retired professor, Roger’s letter (dated 21 Jul 2019) brings his perspective on the changes to the W&L culture that have occurred over the past 35 and a half years.


Staman Ogilvie: Staman’s letter (dated 31 May 2018) states that the Primary Mission of the University is simply the production of confident, contributing, competent citizens.  His letter sets out 9 characteristics that make up a competent citizen.


John McManus: John’s letter (dated 3 Jan 2019) concerns his son’s double legacy, excellent GPA and SAT scores, campus leader and outstanding athlete being informed by voice mail from W&L of his son’s rejection.

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