TGR Response to Petition to Opt-Out of Namesakes’ Portraits on Diplomas

November 18, 2019

A petition was recently created by law school students along with a few faculty, a couple alumni and one person from career services.

The General Redoubt (TGR) strongly disagrees with this petition which seeks to provide an option to remove the likeness of our namesakes George Washington and Robert E. Lee from the law school diploma. The Generals Redoubt is very concerned with this action which is seemingly supported by several employees of W&L and is concerned that the member of the careers services program does not see the harm in supporting  such a petition and apparently failed to advise against such action. Many in our alumni community who have supported the law school with generous financial contributions and jobs for graduates of the law school are very disturbed by this petition. The petition is a symptom of strong undercurrents within the University to dismantle the traditions, values and history of Washington and Lee. The removal of the likeness of George Washington and Robert E. Lee, which adorns the offices and homes of many of our alumni is a severe affront to the generous and loyal alumni who respect the character and values of our namesakes. This petition represents a clear demonstration of why The Generals Redoubt is necessary to bring sanity to W&L on behalf of the many very loyal alumni, parents, students and friends of W&L. We urge the Dean of the Law School, President of the University and our Board of Trustees to quickly and summarily reject this petition. We anticipate providing a more complete response and outreach at a later time if the rejection does not occur. In the interim support the TGR, financially and through volunteer efforts, as the best method to save the important traditions, values and history of Washington and Lee University, an important part of our country since 1749.

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