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23 April - Demonstrations by Woke Students

Recently, there were some pro name change demonstrations on campus. These consisted of both students and faculty. Elizabeth Herzberg, a sophomore student who is the head of a group called Students for Historical Preservation, observed the first of these and wrote a letter to President Dudley with her thoughts (look under "Letters" section).

I wrote an article about my observations of the second demonstration/rally, which was much smaller than the first and indicates that the number of students who favor changing the name of the university is really quite small. The same cannot be said for the faculty, many of whom have embraced the "woke" and "erase" culture with great zeal. During the demonstration, a couple of speakers asked the question "Who is the Generals Redoubt?" I have attempted to answer this question in my essay which can be found in the "Articles" section.

Neely Young


The Generals Redoubt

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