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June 5 - The Name is Retained


We learned yesterday that the Board of Trustees made the decision not to change the name of the University. We are pleased that they have made that decision. At the same time, there are many elements of their decision with which we do not agree. In the "Letters" section, you will find a copy of the Board's decision and a response from The Generals Redoubt which was sent to the Board and which is also serving as a press release. As a result of yesterday's announcement, the need for our group to develop a cogent response, and the initiation of open communication between TGR and the Board of Trustees, we decided not to appear on Tucker Carlson's show last night. We will know within a week or two if the Board of Trustees has any intention of open communication with TGR. If not, we will be on Tucker Carlson’s show or any other major news show.

Rex Wooldridge


The Generals Redoubt

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