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16 April 2021 



As you may remember we began this year's annual fund in late September 2020 with a goal of raising $500,000 by the end of June, 2021. We are happy to report that as of March 31st, we have received $330,000 plus an additional matching gift of $100,000 for a grand total of $430,000 or 86% of our goal. Our single largest expenditure during this time period was for public relations related activities, and we believe we have been very successful in this regard.


We have sent out numerous email blasts to our 9,400 + followers, sponsored videos, updated our website, and have distributed our message more broadly in the general media. Of course, our most important audience is the Washington and Lee Board of Trustees, and we have been in almost continual communication with them throughout this time period. We hope this is making a difference, not only with regard to the name change issue but also in helping to preserve the history, values, and traditions of the university.  

We have taken on a number of other initiatives as well during the last six months or so. We have worked closely with students who support maintaining the name of the school, and they have become more active in expressing their point of view. We have also seen the formation of a group of parents of current and former students, and they have become more vocal in their support of preserving the best of W&L. We have commissioned bumper stickers, hats, t-shirts, banners, yard signs, billboards, etc. which support the cause to "Maintain the Name." As usual, we have had certain legal and operating costs, but they have been minimal.  

As a result, of the covid crisis, we have not been able to support campus speakers. However, Professor Al Eckes and Dr. Neely Young have produced a video to refute some of the anti-Lee rhetoric which has been allowed to flourish on campus, and this has been widely circulated, including to the Board.  

Despite all of this activity, we have been careful stewards of your money and currently maintain a large cash balance of well over $550,000. Almost all of this is in a contingency fund which can be utilized in various ways depending on what decision the Board makes about changing the name of the university. As stated in the fall, if the university retains its name, we have some exciting ideas about programs and initiatives which will promote greater ideological diversity, preserve our history, values, and traditions, and further the cause of greater diversity and inclusivity at Washington and Lee.  

Despite our success, we are still in an active annual fund, and would very much like to reach our goal. To do this, we need an additional $70,000 in gifts before June 30th, 2021. If you have not yet participated in our annual fund or would like to make an additional gift, you may do so in the following ways:  

By check- Send checks to: The Generals Redoubt, P.O. Box 1097, Lexington, VA 24450


By credit card- Go to our website, and click on "Support Us".  

By gifts of stock-Go to our website and click on "Support Us."  

You may also contact our Treasurer, Barry Brown, at All gifts to The Generals Redoubt are tax deductible.  



Neely Young 

Annual Fund Co-Chair                                           


Jack Schewel 

Annual Fund Co-Chair 




Dear Friends, 

The Generals Redoubt (TGR) formed a non-profit corporation in spring, 2019 as an education and advocacy group with the mission of preserving the history, values, and traditions of Washington and Lee University. At that time, we had no specific fund raising goals.


Nevertheless, as soon as we incorporated, people began to make contributions to our organization. In November, 2019 we announced our first annual fund. As of September 21, 2020 we had received approximately $456,000 since our inception in spring, 2019 with expenses of around $51,000, leaving us to date with $405,000 on hand. We have been responsible stewards of the gifts which we have received and have primarily spent your money on legal and incorporation fees, costs associating with establishing a website, and supporting a speaker series sponsored by W&L students. 

We now announce the beginning of our second annual fund which will run from September 21st, 2020 to June 30th, 2021. With the announcement by the W&L Board of a possible name change for the university, we consider this time period critical for the future of Washington and Lee. As most know, we favor preserving the name of the university, continuing to honor our namesakes, and maintaining the university diploma as is. We believe it is critical to retain the name of our university in order to also retain the historical values and traditions associated with our namesakes and to retain a brand which has been successful for 150 years.

If the name of the school remains the same, we have many additional ideas of how we can work with the university to meet the challenges of the future.


Our fund raising goals for the next year are very ambitious. They fall into five categories: 

Public Relations- We have hired a highly accomplished group of public relations professionals to work with us over the next six months and possibly longer to maintain the name of the university and to assist with other public relations issues. The cost of the initial engagement period is $180,000 plus expenses.

Legal/Contingency Fund- It is our greatest desire that the name of the university not be changed, but we believe we must be prepared for any outcome. Therefore, we plan to establish a contingency fund in the neighborhood of $500,000 to $1 million. 

Support of Student Speaker Series- In order to attract high quality speakers to the campus we have budgeted $25,000 an appearance for two speakers a year. This comes to $50,000 annually. 

Operational expenses- As mentioned above, we have ongoing expenses in areas like our network site, legal and incorporation fees, audit and accounting fees. etc. Fortunately, we have been able to keep these costs very low and anticipate spending only about $25,000 in this area.

If the name of the university remains the same, The Generals Redoubt will explore some exciting, new, co-curricular program possibilities. We shall provide more information about that at the appropriate time. 

In order to reach the above objectives, we are announcing an annual fund goal of $500,000. As we have said, this is ambitious, but through the generosity of individual donors, matching gift, foundation gift, and corporate support we are hopeful of reaching our goal.


Until now, we have not taken a position on whether people should contribute to Washington and Lee or not. This is a decision for each individual to make. Some of the members of TGR have made the decision to suspend donations to the university, and we are hearing of others who have made a similar decision. We are still reluctant to recommend to others what they should do. However, in light of the current circumstances, we do suggest that individuals consider conditioning their gifts to  Washington and Lee on maintaining the name of the university. They may also wish to wait until after the university has made a decision on the name change before sending in their gifts. 

If you would like to make an annual gift to The Generals Redoubt, you may do so in one of several ways: 

By check- Send checks to: The Generals Redoubt, P.O. Box 1097, Lexington,VA 24450

By credit card-Go to our website,, and click on "Support Us." 

By gifts of stock- Go to our website and click on "Support Us."  

 You may also contact our Treasurer, Barry Brown, at All gifts to The Generals Redoubt are tax deductible. 



Neely Young                               Jack Schewel 

Annual Fund Co-Chair            Annual Fund Co-Chair 


The Generals Redoubt is a nonprofit, tax exempt charitable 501(c)(3) corporation.

The Generals Redoubt relies on the contributions of our supporters for operational expenses; website upkeep; website/email domains maintenance; and most importantly, to raise funds to provide educational forums, events, and activities where our alumni, students, and friends may hear and be heard.

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