New Effort To Save Lee Chapel!

Lee Chapel To Be Walled Off!


Washington and Lee has released plans for "updates" to Lee Chapel. These include erecting a permanent wall between the chapel space and the recumbent statue of Robert E. Lee.

The administration has simply gone too far. Up until very recently, Lee Chapel was rich with meaningful history and memories for the Washington and Lee family. Click here for a virtual tour of the Lee Chapel we have known so well, and has meant so much to us, over the years.

Now the historical and sentimental significance of Lee Chapel is under attack.

Listen to the changes and the lack of transparency leading up to them from Washington and Lee sophomore Kamron Spivey, president of Students for Historic Preservation. Watch Mr. Spivey explain in the video below just how destructive the administration’s plans for Lee Chapel are:

This just in! The Generals Redoubt offers a reasonable compromise.

TGR is working to stop these unnecessary, unwanted, and unexplained changes to a national historic landmark that is central to the Washington and Lee community. Read Rex Wooldridge's letter to the Board of Trustees here and learn about how the university’s problematic plan to re-develop Lee Avenue may be an opportunity to solve multiple problems at once-restoring Lee Chapel, providing a separate student meeting facility, and alleviating concerns about traffic in the Lexington community.

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